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Expand your living space in Chatteris with a stunning conservatory. With unrivalled thermal retention, durability and visual appeal, they offer a host of benefits.


Conservatories from Art on Glass are a wonderful way to update the performance of your home. The expansive cover of double glazing promotes energy efficiency and invites hordes of daylight into your home. The robust structural integrity means you can get years of usage from your conservatory. Get a free, non-obligatory quote on our conservatories today. Use our handy tool to get a price, or find out more by getting in touch with us.


Whether you reside in a traditional property, or own a contemporary house in Chatteris, we have the design for you. The wonderful range of styles we offer will suit the aesthetic of any home, thanks to the customisation options available. Each element is down to you to design, from the layout of the windows, and smaller elements such as door handles.


The symmetrical framework makes Edwardian conservatories visually stunning and unique. Create a versatile space with a variety of uses by choosing this style of conservatory. Traditional in appearance but modern in performance values, you can get use out of your conservatory for decades.

Keeping your home a comfortable temperature throughout the year, you can relax with our thermally regulating glass. Stopping the conservatory from getting too hot in the summer but keeping it warm during colder months, you can save money in the long run.

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Similar to the Edwardian style, the Victorian conservatory takes inspiration from traditional aesthetics. Incredibly popular as a style option, the timeless look will suit any property. The locking systems we fit as standard have been carefully tested to reach the highest levels of safety.

Distinguished by the pointed roof, you can take advantage of natural light streaming into your home. With less need to use your electricity, you can appreciate lower lighting bills with this cost-effective solution to extending your space.


Modernise your Chatteris home with our lean-to style conservatories. The flexible design is perfect for homes with limited patio space, with the discrete design. For enhanced security, we have extremely robust stainless steel locks. The safety measures will give you peace of mind that your conservatory won’t allow break-ins to occur.

The double glazing also offers ample security for your house in Chatteris. The internal beading that the windows are designed with stops them being broken from the outside. With great difficulty in entering the windows, you are safe from potential intruders and weather damage.

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P-Shaped Conservatories

Perfect for larger properties with a wider outdoor area, you can design your dream conservatory. Add character to your property, with an extensive glass coverage. For a unique addition to your Chatteris home, design using our quoting engine, choosing from our colours and finishes.

With exceptional energy retention, you can enjoy your new living space all year round, whatever the weather. You may choose a lounge area to unwind in. Or you may go for a dining room to entertain in an impressive space. With a range of benefits, you will significantly add value to your Chatteris home.

Fantastic Double Glazing

We design our stunning conservatories with high quality double glazing as standard. This allows light to stream into your conservatory, brightening the room and creating the illusion of more space. The market-leading glass retains temperature in your home so you won’t have to keep your heating on constant throughout the winter. Additionally, the glass is internally beaded, preventing any intruders from gaining entry.

Energy Efficient

With innovative technology, you won’t have to worry about an excess of heat in your conservatory. The glass works by trapping a pocket of warm air between the panes, that would have otherwise escaped your home. Acting as a barrier, you can utilise the existing heating in your Chatteris home for a comfortable living space. With lower energy bills, you can take advantage of a lower carbon footprint and a postive environmental impact.

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Update your home in style by choosing a fantastic conservatory with us. Every element is made to measure to ensure you are happy with your new product.

Here at Art on Glass, we specialise in bespoke double glazing design and installation. We are part of the Double Glazing Network, securing us as a reliable company. Our dedicated team have a wealth of knowledge in the field, working to the highest standards. We use premium materials that are made to stand the test of time for a long-lasting investment. For higher energy ratings and durability, we offer the best in the business.

For a free online quote today. Simply use our quoting tool to get an instant price. Get in touch with us via our contact form or give us a call on 01354 655200. We look forward to hearing from you!

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