Solidor Composite Door Accessories

We offer high quality Solidor composite doors which can be customised for our Cambridgeshire customers. We have a wide selection of accessories, including handles, door knockers and letterboxes. We can also add bespoke patterned glass into your new door, in a variety of colours and textures.. This will add a stylish finish while perfectly matching your aesthetic.

Not only this, but you can choose exactly what locking system you would like. The lock accessories can be in-handle locking or simple a stand-alone lock. Each of our security systems is tested to ensure they will keep your home and family protected for years. Our accessories give you creative freedom in designing your composite door to best suit your Cambridgeshire home.

You can design your Solidor today by using our tool below. this is quick and simple to use, giving you the chance to design a door you will love. Visualise our entire accessories range for your next home improvement. You can get in contact with our team by filling out our online form. Alternatively, give us a call on 01354 655200 and we’ll answer all of your queries!