Art On Glass Gives King’s Lynn Homeowners a Selection of Exquisite uPVC Windows

For a quick and easy makeover of your King’s Lynn home, nothing beats uPVC windows. These windows are designed for continuous performance over a long period of time. Plus, they come in exquisite designs so you get a beautiful home as well. In terms of performance, our uPVC windows improve the thermal efficiency as well as the security of your home.

Our Liniar windows are especially renowned for their reliable performance. Besides, they offer a chamfered rebate that looks classy and elegant. However, their stunning looks don’t take away from the tremendous strength and security they provide. Our uPVC windows have durable hinges and efficient locking systems from industry-leader, Yale. What’s more, the windows themselves are just as durable, giving you years of excellent service.

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Enhanced Security

The uPVC windows we bring to you from Liniar are quite strong and sturdy. Moreover, it’s not just the frames that are resilient but also the surface coating. These windows do not corrode, scratch, or damage easily. In fact, you can have them for years and they’ll look just as stunning. Even their colour remains as bright and fresh.

Additionally, our strong uPVC windows can easily resist attempts to break in. They are so sturdy that any potential intruder will give up long before they show any signs of letting up. When you combine their strength with the high-security Yale locks, you get windows that protect your home against the most determined break-in attempts.

High Thermal Efficiency

Another great feature that you get from our uPVC windows is the efficient thermal performance. They offer exceptional window energy ratings so you get a home that is effortlessly warmer. The Liniar profile is broken up into small chambers. These retain the heat, providing a layer of insulation. Since the heat inside cannot escape out, you get a warmer room with less energy used.

The result is that you spend less in heating bills. Moreover, you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your use of fossil fuels. The best part is, these windows are fully recyclable, so they are a truly sustainable choice.

Efficient Functioning

Our quality of hardware and installation gives you uPVC windows that function efficiently. They open and close just as smoothly after years of use as they did when they were first installed. We give you hardware that is designed to be hard-wearing. As a result, your uPVC windows work without a hitch. Besides, they come with safety features to protect you from trapped fingers and jammed mechanisms.


In spite of all these amazing features, our uPVC windows require very little maintenance. They give you years of performance even with just a quick wipe down with a wet cloth. As long as you keep the hinges and opening mechanisms clear of dirt and debris, you will get years of superior service. The best part is, they will retain their fresh look with just a basic level of care.


We at Art on Glass realise that different people have different needs. This is why we don’t offer the same window to everyone. In fact, we have a gorgeous selection of styles available in uPVC windows. This gives you more of a choice, so you can pick what’s best for you and your King’s Lynn home.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows are a simple window style. It is their simple elegance that also makes them a very popular style. These windows work well with almost any style of architecture. As a result, they give you simple grace and great features, all at an affordable price. Plus, they offer security that is accredited by Secured by Design so you get complete protection.

French Casement Windows

If you want to give your King’s Lynn home a European-style sophistication, you should consider our French Casement uPVC windows. These are wide windows that give you a large opening. This means your home gets unobstructed views and improved ventilation. What’s more, they are an excellent safety feature, since they double up as a fire escape.

uPVC windows King's Lynn

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are essential for most heritage properties. What’s more, these graceful uPVC windows add a vintage charm to any style of property. The best part is, our uPVC windows are designed to give you smooth functioning. We even incorporate modern innovations, like a handy tilt feature for easy cleaning, to give these windows a contemporary performance.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn uPVC windows are the ideal choice if your priority is safety. These windows tilt in to open. As a result, you can control the amount of opening you get, and the amount of ventilation you get. The best part is, not only are these windows safe for homes with kids, you can also easily clean the outer panes by tilting the window flat.

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We at Art of Glass are accredited to supply and install the exceptional Liniar uPVC profile. These windows give you great thermal performance and weather protection. What’s more, they even reduce noise, so you get a quieter home. Plus, the finish on these windows is so refined that you get exceptional looks.

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Our uPVC window prices in King’s Lynn are extremely competitive. With our pricing and spectacular selection, you are sure to find the right fit for your home and budget. Get a quick uPVC window price quote with our online quoting engine.

You can also contact us for any help you require in picking the right uPVC windows for your home.