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Introduce style and light with one of our beautiful roof lanterns

Extend Your Way: Adaptable and Stunning Roof Lanterns

If you’ve decided that roof lanterns will form an integral part of your home improvement or refurbishment project, you’ll be pleased to hear that Art on Glass can supply a system with the flexibility needed to respond to your needs. Our roof lanterns can be used as part of a design for flat roofs, orangeries and house extensions.

Creating the new space that you need will be easy when you choose your roof lanterns from Art on Glass. Our team will be able to help you choose an optimal design for your new room, so that it looks and performs the way you expected it to. Because our roof lanterns use less bars, they let in more light and provide improved sightlines.

Roof Lanterns Prices Cambridgeshire

All Our Roof Lanterns Can be Bespoke Designed for You

Internally and externally, your new orangery or extension will align with your design specifications. Create your desired impact by choosing from a range of four different colours. Internally, our roof lanterns can be clad in white uPVC, anthracite grey or satin black, which means they’ll match your external choices.

Further enhance the look of your new room by choosing aluminium window frames instead of uPVC and select performance glazing, which will deliver superb levels of thermal efficiency – resulting in a room space that’s the perfect temperature year-round. Your glazing will reduce acoustic interference too, so you can relax.

A Warm and Efficient Environment – Guaranteed

Homeowners are just as interested in U-values as they are in other important design issues – like security and adding market appeal and value to their home. Our roof lanterns deliver superb thermal performance, thanks to the internal aluminium or uPVC cladding and performance glass that characterises their design.

Our rooflights can, in many cases, achieve a U-value as low as 1.1. A score this low is perfectly possible if you opt for a design that is 1000mm x 2000mm, for example. The inclusion of a roof vent in your lantern will ensure that your new room never suffers from condensation build-up and is cool during hotter seasons.

Roof Lantern Prices Cambridgeshire

Roof Lanterns Don’t Just Add Value, They Save Money

If you’ve been thinking about moving – because you’ve run out of space and need to expand – you’ll be able to locate an alternative plan of action by choosing from our range of roof lanterns. Create an orangery or extension that is filled with lots of space-saving light, which will make your new space comfortable and liveable.

Instead of relocating and enduring the cost of legal fees and increased mortgage repayments, you’ll be able to stay where you are. The resale appeal and market value of your home will rise as a direct result of your design choice; prospective buyers will be attracted to the expansion possibilities created by your roof lanterns.

An Installer of Roof Lanterns You Can Trust

Art on Glass is a company with a wide range of accreditations to its name. We are members of Certass, Yale, Trust Mark – and many other respected companies and organisations. You’ll be able to trust our advice, the quality of our service and products when calling for details about our roof lanterns.

AOur roof lanterns are supported by a range of high-performing double-glazing products that will ensure your project runs smoothly. We can help you choose the right doors, windows and glass for your extension or orangery – and give you a guideline quote to consider in more detail.

Contact us for Competitive Roof Lanterns Prices

We are available to answer your technical questions. Discuss any aspect of our rooflights by calling us on 01354 656421 or sending us a message, in which case we’ll call you back as a matter of high priority.
If you want to generate costs for your home improvement project, you can visit our online lantern roof quote tool, which can also be used for other products in our range – and as many times as you like.