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We supply and install a variety of beautiful roof lanterns across Chatteris and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for your free bespoke roof lantern quote!

Our roof lanterns not only look the part, but they come equipped with a range of practical benefits for your Chatteris home too. Flood your home with natural light, giving the appearance of a larger space. You can also enjoy extra warmth in your home as a result of the added brightness flowing through it. We use industry leaders Korniche for all of our roof lanterns, made with only the highest quality materials on the market. Upgrade your home today with the modern look of a roof lantern and enjoy uplifting views within your home, all year long.

Art On Glass Roof Lanterns

With our years of industry experience, you can be confident that when you choose to work with Art On Glass, you are in the safest of hands. As well as our knowledge and expertise, we provide excellent customer service to match. Our range of industry accreditations are testament to this, including being recognised by Certass, Yale and Trustmark. You can be fully confident that you are working with the premium choice for home improvements in Chatteris when you invest in a roof lantern from us!

All of our products are both beautiful and functional. The cutting-edge designs and contemporary look of our roof lanterns make them the perfect way to upgrade your Chatteris home. Enjoy a seamless blend of elegance and functionality, providing the perfect addition to your property. Read more about the advantages of roof lanterns below.

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Bespoke Designs

It is essential that every customer can create the design of roof lantern that suits them. That’s why we offer a range of design choices, including a rainbow of RAL colours and styles for you to browse. We understand the importance of creating a seamless blend between your new investment and your Chatteris property, which is why our products are fully customisable. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can create the perfect look for you and your home. 

Highly Durable 

Our roof lanterns are the most robust on the market, designed with quality you can count on. Designed with longevity in mind, all of our products are built with the highest quality materials to ensure their enhanced durability for your Chatteris home. Additional rafters will no longer be essential, as our roof lanterns can hold even the biggest panes of glass.

Thermally Efficient 

With energy costs on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure that your Chatteris home is thermally efficient. All of our products are constructed with the best double glazing currently available, enhancing your home’s overall thermal efficiency. Your property will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to a number of heat-retaining characteristics, such as excellent U Values and solar heat reflection. With our thermally effective roof lanterns, you can maintain a pleasant indoor temperature, all year long.

Seamless Aesthetics 

At Art On Glass, we recognise how crucial it is to make sure your new purchase blends in with the rest of your Chatteris property. Our roof lanterns feature invisible fittings and flawless seams, so your new purchase will perfectly suit your living area. Our roof lanterns are a useful investment for your house that won’t detract from its visual appeal because of its integrated modern design.

Easy To Maintain 

The design of our glass roof lanterns makes them easy to maintain. You can enjoy your enhanced living space more and worry less about cleaning thanks to the self-cleaning nature of our roof lanterns. Additionally, our lanterns have a powder coating that provides a smoother surface that is thicker and more consistent across the lantern itself. By enhancing and protecting the natural ease of maintenance of our roof lanterns and making them completely weather resistant, this coating also helps to preserve your new investment for years to come.

Roof Lantern Prices Chatteris

Chatteris homeowners can begin their new roof lantern project today with Art On Glass! Benefit from the range of functional and beautiful features on offer with our products, including low maintenance and bespoke designs. Use our quick and easy online quotation tool today to get your free no-obligation quote. Simply enter your design specifications and we will get back to you with a customised price.

If you have any more questions about roof lanterns, please get in touch using our handy online contact form. Alternatively, you can also give us a call on 01354 655200. Any questions you may have will be answered by our friendly and helpful team. We look forward to hearing from you!


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