Aluminium vs uPVC

When choosing to upgrade your home with new home improvement products, many decisions are involved in the design process. One of these decisions is between aluminium and uPVC. 


While both of these materials are great options for making your new windows or doors, they each have individual benefits. In this article, we will discuss each benefit so you can decide what will work best for your home. 


What Is Aluminium?


Aluminium is a lightweight and functional material, and it is one of the most popular materials for making products or vehicles. This is because they are flexible and corrosion-resistant. Compared to other materials on the market, such as steel, aluminium is known for being naturally durable. 


What Is uPVC?


uPVC, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is another material commonly used in the home improvement industry. It is used for window frames and sills as an upgrade from wooden windows or other alternatives. uPVC can also be used for fascias or waste pipes. Their lightweight and flexibility make them popular for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option to upgrade their properties. 


Aluminium Benefits


Aluminium home improvement products can offer various benefits to your home. Read below to learn more. 


Noise Reduction


One of the reasons why aluminium is excellent for windows or doors is that it can help minimise exterior noises. As aluminium is a durable material, it can provide a barrier from the outside noise so you can relax in your home without any distractions. This feature is perfect for homeowners or business owners who are located in the busy part of their town or city. 


Thin Frames


Aluminium windows can be made to have thin frames, which allows more light to get into the home. Your home will naturally feel brighter during the day so that you can rely less on your electric lights. Thin frames can also provide a sleek and elegant appearance for your property. 


Low Maintenance


Aluminium windows and doors can last for decades without needing much upkeep. They can withstand different weather conditions, so your home is less likely to get damp spots or rotting. Most aluminium windows or doors will only need an occasional wipe with a wet cloth to remove dirt when necessary. 


uPVC Benefits


uPVC home improvement products also provide multiple benefits that will elevate their properties. Read below to learn about their unique features. 




uPVC is highly recyclable, as it can be remade into new home improvement products at the end of its lifetime. Even after the uPVC material has been recycled into a new product, it can still provide high-quality benefits, as it would have if it were new. This means home improvement companies can waste less materials each time they upgrade a property and help the environment. 


Weather Resistant


uPVC windows and doors can adapt to harsh weather conditions found in coastal areas. They will withstand heavy rain or harsh winds and protect the home from damage. These products will last for decades without needing much repairs or maintenance. 




uPVC home improvement products can come in multiple colours and finishes that complement the home’s current appearance. Home or business owners will have complete control over creating a unique feature that will increase their home’s visual appeal. 


Aluminium vs uPVC Prices


Overall, aluminium and uPVC materials are great for home improvement products. The type of material you use will depend on your project’s requirements and needs. 


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